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09:30pm 06/03/2008
10:03am 13/09/2006
  over a year later...

have you missed me?

04:00pm 09/09/2005
  noone reads this!

dumplings are my friends, and I like candy canes
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05:46pm 29/10/2004
  behold your mastery of insulting.

you know whos voice sings the harsher notes.

you blew this one the wrong way my sullen one.

keep your mind as your own, you're not my kind.

the darkness shall not avail you.
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10:02pm 01/09/2004
mood: drunk
I like things... heh . okay so today i was putr on lithiym, and i decided it'd be greart to grdink ... drink tonight cuz c... drinking is fun.

backspace is baddddd. look at it's badass arrow... BEHOLD the arrow of badassness.

wow... i c.. accidenly clicked it... im so used to touchtyping theswedays. look at my touchtyping.

I am the magical zebra from Kansas. he speaks the tones of happy pick... piglets in may. the maypoickglets. I like shoes and angry munchkins in may./


the season of wealth and glory..

Im almost 19, thinkinf of pretending Im 20 jhust to laugh at people, or should I stick with original plan of being 18 for 3 years... hmm

drink. drink my gri... friends!
10:05am 20/07/2004
  Look at me! Im a bitch! bitch bitch bitch! Look at me bitch!

(end impression of someone stupid)
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06:27pm 31/03/2004
  I got with Adrian. I laughed, cuz I didnt understand.  
09:39pm 12/03/2004
  yes I have gone mad, but how great is it that my heart is
Info Black
Your Heart is Black

What Color is Your Heart?

You see your Hobbit as more of a pet than a person,
someone you can look after and teach tricks.
But remember before running out and getting
one, owning a Hobbit comes with
responsibilities. Awww but how can you resist
him? Isn't he cute.

LOTR - If You Owned A Hobbit What Would You Use It For?
[yay! pippin!]

I decided to be nice and cut all of themCollapse )
03:34pm 12/03/2004
  ha ha... ha ha ha ha ha... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


little does anyone know.

08:11pm 08/03/2004
  are you ready to hear me scream in pain?  
11:05pm 28/02/2004
  only one problem with your plan.
you work, and I dont know when you're around.
mmm of late.   
07:37pm 28/02/2004
mood: amused
havent been up to much of late. I suppose thats what isolating yourself from society and company for 2 months whilst obsessivly reading a series of books and watching [again, obsessively] movies will do to you. Ive enjoyed myself thoroughly though; a life without chaos, drama, and sma.

yet I hear creeping in the background of my life, something big may happen; I suppose the lesson for when that occurs is let insolence slide, none of it is any of my business [according to me]. and going to melbourne said in quite a few more words to be alive is to be alone, and rather than get caught up about that just dig it. its simpler than chaos. easier than cutting and other futile paths.

but for now I shall just reflect on some slight humour I have, in my ability to predict the future, and have it work exactly as planned. I am removed, and now his life's path seems to be working for the better. despite being slagged off, bittered and lemonised. I like that... lemonised.

and I did not move a muscle, I did not say a word.
Karma just happens to love me
and do my dirty work for me

fuck you dad and enjoy having your prostate removed.
just for kicks   
03:30pm 20/02/2004

cuz kicks are all ya need
jeebus christ.   
07:55pm 12/02/2004
mood: amused
next year the 85 kids will be 20.
I hope that scared you all.

so, hows everyone, good good. Thats all I needed to know.
People may say that the simple life is a dumb show with dumb blondes in it, but seriously, how is that not funny?

I cant think of much better than sadistically laughing at two blonde chicks who look like men.

Paris dumb blonde quote number 1: "Whats a well?" [reply: "a place to get water"
Paris dumb blonde quote number 2: "Whats a Walmart? Do they sell walls?"
yay for destroying pictures.   
09:56pm 30/01/2004
a journal I made today, basically just photos I find online and mess around with.
and the journal is updated   
10:21am 02/01/2004
mood: angry
yay its 2004, my generation is full of old fuckers.

I hit my head really hard yesterday, I got one of those bump things-
the bump has sort of gone down but now my whole forehead is a purply red tone.

marriage is insolent. if you get married in this day and age before you've had a 10 year defacto relationship, then I believe you're a bit of an obnoxious halfwit.

obnoxious, yes thats the word. obnoxious.

you're going to get divorced, you havent grown up yet.
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the future.   
12:30pm 14/12/2003
mood: sick
so this is what I have to do.
Ive only truely cracked once. if i did again, surprisingly, it would be helpful.

I practise every day.
yay stoner songs   
09:21pm 18/11/2003
  i wrote a song today, when i was high. i dont think it makes much sense, but here we go;

ive been running out lately
in here its so cold
and i know the surface is so near
but hard to reach

i behave to you in a way
i say nothing i dont mean
though i contradict myself
all the time

and someday it'll make me so tired
and some day I'll be required

by holding up a sign
can i carry away your eyes?
can i wipe away
every bad memory you have of me?

and someday I'll be so tired
and someday I'll be required
and one day it will make me so tired
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09:30pm 12/11/2003
mood: tired
I got bored of not updating. so heres an update.
I am alive, and so is my monkey.

have you seen my monkey? he's small and brown and dances on elephants backs. he does this because if he does not I shall not give him banana. He lives for the banana. the monkey dances all day and if he does not dance all day he shall have not the banana. the elephant has been trained to stand still during the monkey dance. this means the elephant cannot move at all all day because the monkey must dance on the elephants back all day. I believe the elephant has learnt to sleep standing up, so that monkey may dance. Elephant now wanders around a lot at night, or lays down to soothe his legs. one day I will teach elephant to dance for banana. at the moment elephant does nothing so he gets no banana.

I think it is only fair that elephant can have banana also.
this livejournal   
10:13am 03/10/2003
mood: high
this livejournal is boring! why am I on your lists? do you get some kind of sadistic pleasure about having this and my other livejournal on your lists and getting double posts of bullshit that doesnt make sense? especially this one... whooh im so out of it.

nah I love you all, you all get these boring livejournal entries saying "blah Im bored" then having three dozen quizzes to read afterwards. how very very not interesting is that? wheehhehehhehehehheheehoooo

why do I have noone to talk to on msn, or aol? I downloaded icq out of boredom and wondering whether my old icq number has any pending messages.
well anyway I hope that was interesting.